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Fabienne QC Named Bari von Buedingen Memorial Trophy Winner
December 2020

Highest Scoring Hanoverian Mare in the US 2020

We are proud to announce that Fabienne QC is the recipient of the Bari von Buedingen Memorial Trophy for 2020, a designation that recognizes the highest scoring mare within the US for the American Hanoverian Society for the year. This is the second time a mare from our program has been named as the recipient, and the first we have bred. Fabienne QC was the first foal produced within our breeding program, no less.

We believed she was a quality foal and this was validated when she was chosen as Top Filly at Hilltop Farm, described as “Elite Auction quality” by Dr. Werner Schade (then breeding and managing director of the Hannoveraner Verband in Germany). We are grateful to owners Kimberley Dougherty and Nancy Asher for sending her back to us this Summer to start under saddle and present for mare inspection. She topped what we believe was the largest AHS inspection for the year and can take her place amongst the other super US-based Hanoverian mares who have come before her – including our Laurette! In a year as bleak as 2020 has been, we are thankful to have this as a way to look forward to positivity and prosperity for the horses from our program and the people who believe in them in 2021. 

Learn more about us and our breeding program here.

Depending on the time of year, we may have some horses available or know of others available within our network. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or email regarding your horse search. In addition, we are happy to offer consultation regarding breeding, young horse development, or the industry at large. And we're always mapping out our next breeding season! We enjoy meeting new acquaintances and talking horses.

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