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Quantico Sporthorses is already leaving a mark on the US sporthorse breeding scene. Co-founders Quinnten Alston and Jonathan Clark, both with professional backgrounds within the equestrian industry, began the program's venture towards breeding, raising and developing the modern sporthorse with the lease of the mare Royal Celeste FH in February 2016. With Quantico, the mare won her Three-Year Old fillies class and was also Champion Filly, Champion Young Horse, and qualified for the Grand Championship that year at Dressage at Devon. The first foal for the Quantico program was her 2017 filly Fabienne QC (s. Franziskus), Top Filly as a foal at Hilltop Farm's AHS inspection, highest scoring Hanoverian mare in the nation for the year 2020, and now a Hanoverian Premium Mare Candidate after completing a strong performance test.

Since inception, each of our foal crops has produced either Premium, Gold Medal, or Top Foal designations at inspections. Quantico continues to breed for the future with Fabienne QC, as well as our foundation mares Special Premium and Elite Stute 
Rhosemary and Bari von Buedingen Memorial Trophy recipient Laurette.

Quinnten Alston & Jonathan Clark   Co-Founders of Quantico Sporthorses

Meet the Team

For Quinnten Alston, the Quantico program is the realization of a lifelong fascination with horse breeding and pedigrees. He began riding at the age of 5 and formed a childhood passion that would endure through his adult years. Professionally, Quinnten began modestly by cleaning stalls for Mo Swanson's Rolling Stone Farm in Slatington, PA in 2009. Within a few months, he was handling as a professional at breed shows and inspections under the guidance of Bob Orton. Quinnten gained a following for his carefully curated and vibrant approach to handling along the East Coast at prestigious venues like Dressage at Devon, Dressage at Lexington, and Morven Park. Over the years, he has presented the Grand Champion at Dressage at Devon a total of 5 times.

After Rolling Stone, Quinnten spent three years honing his craft at the highly regarded training and breeding center Hilltop Farm in Colora, MD. Since 2017, he has served as an in-house rider and Sales Manager for the famous Iron Spring Farm in Coatesville, PA. Since 2012 he has made regular trips to Germany and Holland for networking and further education. Quinnten thoroughly enjoys talking horses with other breeders and riders and is the driving force behind the breeding direction of the program.

Jonathan Clark, the other half of Quantico Sporthorses, graduated from the University of Delaware in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Sciences.  While obtaining his degree, he started working for Select Breeders Services in 1994 by assisting with routine lab cleaning.  He eventually gained more responsibility in the company by becoming a freeze technician, helping to pioneer mobile lab use throughout the East Coast, and becoming the leader of the import/export department of SBS in Maryland.  Now, 25 years later, he dutifully holds the role of Director of Operations for the entirety of SBS.  Though he still enjoys occasionally spending time in the mobile lab, Jonathan oversees and assists the managers of SBS Veterinary Services, Select Breeders Services Headquarters in Maryland and Select Breeders Southwest in Texas with their daily operations. He plays a crucial role in the reproductive side of Quantico and also assists with final breeding season plans.

Married since July 2018, Quinnten and Jonathan do all of the work that goes along with managing and developing the Quantico program. Outside of their horses, they also enjoy traveling, the arts, good food, and spending time with family. They work closely with both Select Breeders Services in Chesapeake City, MD as well as Unionville Equine Associates in Oxford, PA for all of their reproductive needs from breeding to foaling.

Han. Pr. Can. Fabienne QC   Champion Hanoverian Mare Performance Test


Eliza Rutherford of Fox Wood Hanoverians

"I sent my coming 3 year old mare, Royal Celeste FH, to Quantico Sporthorses in the spring of 2016 on a breeding lease.  She went to them straight out of the field, with minimal handling and never having left the farm.   The horse I received back had been meticulously cared for, had perfect manners and was beautifully started under saddle.  In addition to this, she had been shown extensively in hand, with many wins (including multiple wins at the prestigious Dressage at Devon); had been presented for her Hanoverian Inspection (which she won); and had produced a beautiful filly by a top stallion (who won her foal inspection, her mare inspection and was the top Hanoverian mare in the country).  This all exceeded my wildest dreams for what I had hoped would happen when I leased my mare to Quantico Sporthorses.  I will be breeding my mare back to the stallion they chose for her, since it was such a successful cross.  Quinnten and Jonathan can expertly handle every aspect of breeding, raising, training and riding top young horses and are certainly the first place I would look if I were in the market for a top quality foal."

Frida Kahlo QC   Filly Champion and Reserve Young Horse Champion at Dressage at Devon

Hannah Heritage of Zaragoza Acres

"From the moment I saw the first video of Quinnten Alston handling a horse it was apparent he had a gift very few people encompass. His feel for a horse and his passion was obvious and it has stayed true. Over the years I have watched and experienced Quinnten develop as a breeder and horseman. Since the very beginning his dedication to researching and educating himself to produce a top foal has been compelling. I believe even more importantly, Quinnten has now proven he can produce a top foal time and time again with his partner, Jonathan Clark of Quantico Sporthorses. This duo takes exceptional care of their mares and foals and it shines through in each and every one of their horses. Following the passion for their program and the standard they have set for themselves in this country is inspiring as a fellow breeder."

Fidelis QC   Foal Champion at Dressage at Devon

Learn more about us and our breeding program here.

Depending on the time of year, we may have some horses available or know of others available within our network. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or email regarding your horse search. In addition, we are happy to offer consultation regarding breeding, young horse development, or the industry at large. And we're always mapping out our next breeding season! We enjoy meeting new acquaintances and talking horses.

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