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Purple Horse Designs Quinnten Alston Equestrians of Color Project-138.jpg
Purple Horse Designs Quinnten Alston Equ

Equestrians of Color Feature with Purple Horse

January 2021

An Important Project

We were happy to team up with Anna Smolens of Purple Horse Designs as part of the Equestrians of Color Photography Project, a collaboration created to amplify the voices of equestrians of color who have stories they want to share with the community. Quinnten Alston, co-founder of Quantico Sporthorses, gives insight into his background with horses as well as his views on race, finding career success, and managing your health. Enjoy some of the photos below of Quinnten, Jonathan, and the Quantico horses by Purple Horse Designs.Read the full EOC feature here. 

Learn more about us and our breeding program here.

Depending on the time of year, we may have some horses available or know of others available within our network. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or email regarding your horse search. In addition, we are happy to offer consultation regarding breeding, young horse development, or the industry at large. And we're always mapping out our next breeding season! We enjoy meeting new acquaintances and talking horses.

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