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Foo Fighter QC Wins Big at Dressage at Devon 2021
September 2021

A Week of Inspiration and Success

We wouldn't be considered strangers to Devon with a history that includes various championship titles for our own and client horses, but before 2021 we had never prepared and taken a mare and foal pair. Waters? Uncharted. But the goal is always a positive experience as priority with success as an added bonus. While our mare Scantolina is a former winner at Devon, her colt Foo Fighter QC (s. Fabregas) had to learn the basics of standing, walking, and trotting in hand at home prior to show day. The individual breed classes on the first day is a good way to get the horses accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the showgrounds. In his Hanoverian IBC class against all ages, Foo Fighter scored an 80.45% (including a "9" on trot) and placed 3rd overall, the only foal within the top 6. An inspiring start! 

Colts of Current Year Winner and Champion Foal

In his Colts of Current Year class, Foo Fighter bested 12 other entries to score a 79.47% and a blue ribbon for first place. The top two places from the Colt and Fillies classes are invited back for a championship ring wherein a Champion and Reserve Champion will be named based on conformation, movement, and general impression. While the competition was close enough that the judges required two trot rounds, in the end Foo Fighter won out as Champion Foal with a special remark on his consistency and balance as the deciding factor. We can't thank his owner Kelly McGinn enough for letting us take him out to show off and to our friends Hannah Salazar and Chris Talley for the help in the barn and the show ring. It takes a village! Check out the EuroDressage article on Foo Fighter QC's success here. 

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